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I’m removing a couple of projects from the Lair because they’re either not up to my current standards and/or there are better alternatives to them available: the Aramaic font and layout, the Juniper Runes, and the language creation workshop talk.

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From qɑ̀ to qɑ̂

Here is, once again, an update on qɑ̂ major enough to change the name of the language slightly. I’ve overhauled the prosody and vocabulary, created a non-canonical script, and made other smaller tweaks. The changes unfortunately mean that none of the Occasional Writings are compatible with the new version, so i’ve removed them.


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Update on qɑ́

A little less radical update this time. The biggest changes are to the rules of null anaphora usage made to reduce ambiguity; in addition i tweaked the vocabulary a little and continued on my eternal and futile quest to make the text in general a little less unreadable.

I also finally decided to start writing Occasional Writings on qɑ́, a series of standalone papers that go into more perfectionist detail about various aspects of and things related to the qɑ́ and their language. I’ve uploaded the first three, which are:

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From qɑ to qɑ́

Here’s a major update to qɑ́ (and the first one in a while), major enough to change the name of the language slightly! What i’ve done is a complete overhaul of prosody and poetry, the latter necessitating the replacement of kωȶɛ and kωȶe with a new example text, a translation of the Schleicher’s Fable; and removal of the whistled register. I’ve also done some generic tweaking of the text but not its substance.

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Added glosses to the example texts in the pdf and some additional details to the grammar.

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Whistled qɑ

Added a whistled register to and updated the pdf.

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I was bored, therefore i made a ridiculous engelang.

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Language Creation Workshop

I ran a conlanging workshop for beginners at this year’s Ropecon (“rope” being an abbreviation for “roolipeli”, “role playing game”, in Finnish: no bondage there :D ) and promised to upload the slides here, so here they are now.

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kωȶɛ and kωȶe

Yay, i managed to write an entire original poem in ! The pdf has been updated and the poem added to the Example Texts section.

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